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August 2015 project update

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Public documents

April 4, 1974: Deed transferring ownership of property from Francis and Eleanor Jester to State of Delaware for the use of New Castle County for $456,660.

1999-2001: Structural evaluation and inspection documents performed by Tetra Tech and Environmental Testing. This provides a snapshot of estimated repairs needed at that time. This also includes the barn which has since been demolished.

November 13, 2002: New Castle County Historic Review Board recommends that an historic zone overlay be applied to the Jester property. This important document lays out the specific reasons this house and surrounding property are considered historic.

August 5, 2003: This transcript of a Department of Land Use and Planning Board public hearing contains public input offered at the time when the County was planning to bulldoze the Jester Farmhouse. Tod Baseden speaks for the civic associations to advocate for the preservation of the house through Resident Curatorship.

August 19, 2003: The Department of Land Use and Planning Board recommends denial of an historic overlay over the Jester property. Approval would have been seen to give final design review of future development of the Jester property to the Historic Review Board, superseding the existing authority of the county’s Special Services Department.

April 5, 2004: Thirty years after acquisition of Jester Property, this document proposes rezoning of a small 1.38 acre section of the property, including the farmhouse, with an historic overlay zoning district. The proposal is approved on May 12, as described in this document.