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Perspective for Urban Sketching and Plein Air Painting
Strengthen your understanding of linear perspective for sketching and painting architectural subjects. Students will make a basic perspective drawing, with horizon line, vanishing points and measuring points, and then learn to carry that knowledge into the field and use the underlying principles when sketching or painting. We will also explore a method of drawing perspective lines without vanishing points. Paper and rulers will be provided for the workshop. Participants should being pencils and erasers, a portable drawing board and a chair, and perhaps a second chair or folding table to lean the drawing board against.
Location: Newark Union Church (8 Newark Union Church Rd, Wilmington DE)
Instructor: Charley Parker
Cost: $40 per session
Date: Saturday, October 2nd 9am-noon; Rain date October 3rd; Open to beginners and experienced painters, 16 and over; Register here.


October Outdoor Sketch Event A model will sit and hold a post for 20 minutes at a time. Instruction or guidance available if desired.  October’s event will feature Thom Moore professional bagpiper in full regalia.
Location: TBD
Cost: Free – Register here.
Date: Sunday October 24th 10am-noon


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