Twelve Days: Linocut prints

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Thank you for supporting Jester Artspace! These hand-pulled limited-edition linocut prints have been designed and donated to the Artspace to help us renovate the Jester Farmhouse. We are offering them to you as a way to say thanks for your support. Titled “12 Days at Jester Farm”, they are $10 for individual prints and $100 for a full set, or for a single print of all 12 images. All prints are signed and editioned by the artist. Small prints will fit a 3″×4″ mini frame. Full size print will fit a standard frame opening of 11″×14″.

Single prints: $10/each

1st Day: Partridge

2nd Day: Turtle Dove

3rd Day: French Hen

4th Day: Calling Bird

5th Day: Gold Rings


6th Day: Geese Laying

7th Day: Swan Swimming

8th Day: Maid Milking

9th Day: Lady Dancing

10th Day: Lord Leaping

11th Day: Piper Piping

12th Day: Drummer Drumming


Set of 12 prints: $100

As individual 3″x4″ prints

Full 11″x15″ print of all 12 images